TESSA Project - Questionnaire for tourists and visitors in Arborea

One of the activities of the MARISTANIS project is the identification and enhancement of ecosystem services. Ecosystem services are all the benefits that wetlands guarantee.

S'Ena Arrubia has been chosen as a pilot site for the application of the TESSA methodology. TESSA has been developed by BirdLife International to provide a practical guide on how to evaluate and monitor ecosystem services at site scale. BirdLife International is a non-governmental organization committed to the protection and conservation of nature, bird species and the restoration and preservation of their habitats. BirdLife has been working with MEDSEA on various activities related to the MARISTANIS project.

Tourist and recreational services are some of the ecosystem services provided by the Lagoon of S'Ena Arrubia. A questionnaire has been drawn up to evaluate how important are the tourist and recreational services provided by the S'Ena Arrubia Lagoo. The questionnaire will be administrated to the people who visited Arborea.

The aim is to evaluate how important the area of S'Ena Arrubia is for those who visit it or the municipality of Arborea and how important it would be for them the improvement of the environmental condition of the lagoon, the pine forest and the beach.

By filling in the questionnaire, visitors and tourists will have the opportunity to help the MARISTANIS project to describe and determine the tourist and recreational value of the Lagoon of S'Ena Arrubia, the beach and the pine forest.

So if you have visited or stayed in Arborea, help us to understand how important the existence of the lagoon was for you and your trip and how important it would be the environmental improvement of the area to convince you to visit the lagoon next time!

Choose button below and fill in the associated questionnaire and, if you can, spread the questionnaire among friends, relatives and acquaintances!

The MEDSEA staff and the S'Ena Arrubia Lagoon thank you!