Questionnaire on Ecosystem services in wetlands

    One of the activities of the MARISTANIS project is the identification and enhancement of ecosystem services. Ecosystem services are all the benefits that wetlands provide to humankind, for example: the provision of food and raw materials, regulation of climate, water cycle, prevention of coastal erosion, but also non-material benefits such as cognitive development, educational and recreational experiences, cultural enrichment and aesthetic appreciation.

    The wellbeing of the Earth depends on the capacity of natural ecosystems to perform those functions that meet the needs and guarantee the life of all living species.

    Over the last 50 years, human beings have modified natural ecosystems more rapidly and extensively than in previous periods, leading to a considerable loss of biodiversity and the deterioration of important environmental functions.


    In order to reduce the consequences of these phenomena, numerous policies and instruments have been adopted and others are in the process of being defined. However, without involvement of the main local stakeholders and citizens, these instruments are particularly ineffective.

    This survey is carried out in order to identify the most important ecosystem services that are provided by the six Ramsar areas of Sal'e Porcus, Stagno di Cabras, Stagno di Mistras, S'Ena Arrubia, Pauli Maiori, Corru S'Ittiri-Marceddì-San Giovanni. The Lagoon of S'Ena Arrubia has been the subject of a specific study and will not be part of this investigation.

    Your support is linked to the level of information and awareness of the areas listed above.

    We kindly ask you to fill in the Questionnaire on the Ecosystemic Services in the Lagoons of the Gulf of Oristano, which you will find in the link below:

    The MEDSEA staff and the wetlands thank you!

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