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    We live in ever more interdependent world, and the way we live, produce, accommodate guests and non-resident impact on our territory. In the last two years the Covid-19 pandemic, in a global common destiny, has taught us the need to adapt to different situations modifying our habits and pivoting our business models. 

    As MEDSEA Foundation, engaged in the Maristanis project for the sustainable development and management of the coastal wetlands of Oristano since 4 years, we want to ensure that local companies, from tourism to tradecan have the possibility to share their best practices on sustainability, learn from each otherget informed about common needs and solutions, having at the same time the ability to promote themselves towards a more sensitive and demanding market.  

    In 2020 we launched the Club “Friends of Maristanis”, a space for cooperation in the Gulf of Oristano dedicated to small companies that decided to implement management and operational practices in accordance with Maristanis project philosophy and principles. Our ambition in the coming two years is to reach more and more professionals, travel operators and local enterprises committed to achieving a sustainable development. That way, we can create a “green” supply chain for local products and services. This commitment may become the most distinctive element for this very unique part of Sardinia where most of the regional wetlands and protected birdlife are. 

    In addition, supporting a more sustainable path helps companies to increase their competitiveness in the current touristic market and to capture a rising global trend – with an estimated growth of 68% in the next 10 years only in Italy1-, as in the rest of the world – where 87% of travelers are already concerned about ecotourism and start choosing “green” holidays2. 

    As MEDSEA Foundation we will support Club’s Friends of Maristanis members with our technical expertise in various fields, such as sciences, technology, media communication 

    Friends of Maristanis – How to join the Club 

    Joining the Club is free, however it requires a minimum of attendance to webinars and a proactive attitude to contribute to initiatives and projects. 

    The primary goals in this first stage is to set a monitoring system for freshwater consumptions in hospitality, such precious commodity, becoming and more more scarce That way, we can keep track of the effectiveness and impact of some initiatives of dissemination and communication towards guests and customers. 

    For this reason, we have just created eye-catching info materials to be exhibited to your guests (ex. In the rooms, lobby, in the restroom of a restaurant or at the door…). These are available on request. We also have realized two Apps, Acqua Check (for enterprises) and Save the Water (for all, in 4 different languages). 


    Maristanis information brochures to make guests aware of their water footprint and about rules of conduct in Wetlands – Photo by Aquae Sinis, Cabras (Sardinia) 

    2021 - 2022 Calendar FOM

    Every month we will focus on an issue, exchanging expertise and good practices and we will plan possible joint measures. 

    This is the exclusive 2021 and 2022 calendar for club members. 


    Kick off new year’s projects and World Wetlands Day organization 

    Nature paths/trails and how to create them in Wetlands 

    How to reduce water consumption and to inform clients/customers 

    Food waste, collaborative network and good practices 

    Hackaton on sustainable local supply/production chains with professionals and students, in collaboration with the University of Oristano – Consorzio Uno 

    Marketing and Communication of Sustainability 

    Briefing of the first six months 

    To a plastic free Gulf, possible solutions 

    Water & freshwater bonus

    Marketing and communication of sustainability

    EU funding for local businesses: where to search, what, how and when



    EU funding and opportunities for tourism enterprises

    Meeting with Europe Direct to analyze the opportunities for small and medium tourism businesses.

    All events will be online, according to Covid-19 containment measures and may undergo some changes.  

    **Professionals can join the Club FOM and events at any time, by sending an email at 


    Join the Club Friend of Maristanis 


    If you are a small enterprise or a professional (Hotel, B&B, Country House, Vineyard, Restaurant ) located in one of the 11 cities of the Maristanis project - Arborea, Arbus, CabrasGuspiniNurachiOristano, Palmas Arborea, Riola Sardo, San Vero Milis, Santa Giusta and Terralbaand you want to learn on how to reduce your footprint in Maristanis Wetlands and make the differencefulfill the form or write to 

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    The Club should represent the efforts towards sustainability of the entire business community of Maristanis – Wetlands, therefore we don’t ask any particular entry requirements at this point. 


    Who already joined Club Friends of Maristanis? 

    These friends have already joined the Club 

    • Hotel Le Torri, Arborea
    • Camping S'Ena Arrubia, Arborea
    • B&B Fra e Fe, Arborea
    • Horse Country Resort, Arborea
    • L'Oasi del Relax, Arborea
    • L'arte bianca Pasticceria, Arborea
    • Ristorante U capisti, Arborea
    • Bar Corsaro beach, Arborea
    • Ristorante La Locanda del Gallo, Arborea
    • Hotel ristorante La Pineta, Arborea
    • Pizzeria El Gustos, Arborea
    • Trattoria Margherita, Aborea
    • Agriturismo La Quercia, Arbus
    • Sa Tanca Agriturismo, Arbus
    • Agriturismo ristorante Rocca Su Moru, Arbus
    • Hotel Villa Belfiori, Arbus
    • Hotel S'Ena, Arbus
    • Albergo Diffuso Aquae Sinis, Cabras
    • Hotel Sa Pedrera, Cabras
    • B&B Terre del Sinis, Cabras
    • TORREMANA Affittacamere, Cabras
    • B&B Limòlo House, Cabras
    • Sa Cotilla, Cabras
    • ALEA Ricerca & Ambiente, Cabras
    • Hotel Villa Canu, Cabras
    • Ristorante Il Caminetto, Cabras
    • Ristorante Da Attilio, Cabras
    • Chiosco Bar Da Attilio, Is Arutas, Cabras
    • B&B al civico 16, Guspini
    • B&B L'Agrifoglio di Emy, Guspini
    • Hotel Ristorante Santa Maria, Guspini
    • My Pumpkin (Case vacanza), Nurachi
    • B&B Mari e Luci, Nurachi
    • Cammino Cento Torri Sardegna
    • B&B Camera con Vista, Oristano
    • B&B Tre, Oristano
    • Hotel Mistral e Mistral 2, Oristano
    • Ristorante Mistral 2, Oristano
    • Hotel Mistral I e Mistral II, Oristano
    • Ristorante da Salvatore, Oristano
    • Sinis Yachting Ricreativo, Oristano
    • CEAS, Oristano
    • Slang Center Tour Operator, Oristano
    • Hotel Lucrezia, Riola Sardo
    • Agriturismo S'Anea, Riola Sardo
    • Rita e Renzo Affittacamere, Riola Sardo
    • B&B I Giganti, Riola Sardo
    • B&B Cuccuru e Portu, Santa Giusta
    • Corte di Lucina, Terralba
    • Cantina del Bovale, Terralba
    • Ristorante La vecchia scuola, Terralba
    • La locanda di Francesco, Terralba
    • Il giardino di Emilio, Terralba
    • Café Caprice, Terralba
    • Libreria Caffetteria Dorian Grey, Terralba
    • Ristorante Cibò Qibò, Terralba
    • Ristorante Il Vesuvio, Terralba




    Horse Country Resort Congress & Spa

    • 350 Standard, Superior & Suites rooms
    • 58 Villini immersed in the pine forest
    • Private equipped beach
    • 3 swimming pools
    • Wellness Center & SPA
    • 2 Bars and 4 Restaurants: Buffet, Pizzeria, Barbecue, Tex-Mex
    • Animation
    • Equestrian Center / Indoor Arena

    Type: Resort
    Address: Strada Mare 24 n° 27 – 09092 Arborea (OR)
    Tel/Website: +39 0783/80 500 |
    Member of Friends of Maristanis since: 2020


    Hotel Le Torri

    Le Torri Hotel is the ideal place where you can spend a pleasant holiday or a business trip, close to the beautiful beaches of the Oristano coastline and with all the comforts you could wish for.

    Type: Resort
    Address: Via Sardegna, 23 09092 ARBOREA (OR)
    Tel/Website: +39 0783 800031/38 |
    Member of Friends of Maristanis since: 2020


    Camera con Vista B&B

    Located 100 meters from the heart of Oristano and from the crossroads to quickly reach the beaches of Sinis, the Costa Verde and the main highway to visit the north and south of the island.

    Type: B&B
    Address: : Via XX Settembre 12, 09170 ORISTANO
    Tel/e-mail: +39 078378365 – 3296136190 |
    Member of Friends of Maristanis since: 2019


    Albergo diffuso Acquae Sinis

    Albergo diffuso Aquae Sinis, 4 cosy dwellings in Cabras, in the heart of the Sinis peninsula.

    Live an experience through eco-sustainable tourism, in the depths of our traditions in an authentic welcome.

    Type: widespread hotel 4*
    Address: Via Cesare Battisti, 44 Cabras (OR) 
    Tel: +39 078318560505 / 3202893725 |
    WhatsApp: 3201831501
    Member of Friends of Maristanis since: 2020



    Torremana is in Cabras close to the beaches of Sinis and Oristano. Torremana is old Campidanese house, renovated in 2019 and equipped with an internal garden with the comforts you need on holiday.

    Type: Landlord
    Address: via Sassari 37 09072 Cabras Or
    Tel/Website: +39 3463056104 | | |
    Facebook: torremana | Instagram: torremana.cabras
    Member of Friends of Maristanis since: 2019

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