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    The pond is our bread, the pond is our job, the pond is our culture, the pond is not your landfill, the pond is our identity, the pond is our future, RESPECT IT!
    The video dedicated to the Maristanis project, realized with the collaboration of Eja TV
    Enjoy the video of MARISTANIS and the fantastic birds of sardinian wetlands! Author: Riccardo Atzeni

    Il president of MEDSEA Alessio Satta talks about Climate Changes on Tg3

    20-29 October 2018 - Alessio Satta, president of MEDSEA, leads the Foundation delegation to the Conference of the Parties, organized by the Ramsar Convention (COP13) in Dubai
    20-29 October 2018 - Vania Statzu vicepresident of MEDSEA at Conference of the Parties, held by Ramsar Convention (COP13) at Dubai
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