More often, natural phenomena cause a great deal of damage and inconvenience, especially to coastal populations. The Mediterranean is one of the areas most affected by extreme phenomena. In this geographical area, the Gulf of Oristano is one of the areas most affected by the negative consequences of extreme events, as we have seen in recent years.

In order to reduce the consequences of these phenomena, numerous policies and instruments have been adopted and others are in the process of being defined. However, without the involvement of citizens, these instruments are particularly ineffective.

Citizens' support is linked to the level of information, knowledge and perception of the risk.

This questionnaire, addressed to CITIZENS OF ARBOREA, CABRAS AND ORISTANO, tries to analyse the perception of natural phenomena in the area.

We kindly ask residents in Arborea, Cabras and Oristano to fill in the questionnaire that you will find in the link below:

Thank you for your important support