Photography contest

    The beauty of wetlands in one click: within the celebrations of the World Wetlands Day 2020, the MEDSEA Foundation promotes the photography contest "24 hours to portray the biodiversity of the 6 Ramsar sites in the Gulf of Oristano". A whole day to catch in the changing light the flight of a bird, the flicker of a fish, the hands of a fisherman, the voice of a leaf in the wind and history in the profile of an architecture. Maristanis, a project for the integrated management of the Oristano wetlands, gravitates around the ponds of Sale 'and Porcus, Mistras, Cabras, Pauli Maiori, S'Ena Arrubia, Corru S'Ittiri, Marceddì and San Giovanni, ecosystems protected by Ramsar international convention and, for hundreds of years, a fundamental place for the life of the surrounding communities.

    The impromptu competition, organized and managed by AFNI (the Italian Association of Nature Photographers), involves all photographers of at least 18 years of age. In order to participate, it is necessary to fill in the registration form, accessible on this page together with the announcement, and deliver it on Saturday 1 February, from 9:00 to 10:00, at the Civic Center of the Municipality of Santa Giusta. The competition must take place according to the basic rules of respect for fauna and flora. It is therefore advisable to read the regulation carefully, also in relation to the more technical elements.

    Judging the photos will be a jury made up by the Regional Coordinator of AFNI (Gabriele Espis), the President of the MEDSEA Foundation (Alessio Satta), a delegate of the Provincial Section of the LIPU (Gabriele Pinna), and the President of the Association Photographic Dyaphrama of Oristano (Cesello Putzu).


    The winner will receive a certificate, a GOPRO Hero7 Silver 10MP UltraHD 4K video camera and an annual subscription to the nature photography magazine ASFERICO.

    The second classified will receive a certificate, a Sony VCT-VPR1 tripod with remote control and an annual subscription to the nature photography magazine ASFERICO.

    The third classified will receive a certificate, an Eyelead cleaning kit for the sensor and an adhesive stick for dust removal, along with a Kingston MICROSD 64GB CLASS 10 memory card and an annual subscription to the nature photography magazine ASFERICO.


    With the Maristanis project, the MEDSEA Foundation aims to create, starting from the six Ramsar sites, a place where environmental integrity is preserved and becomes able to promote the social and economic well-being of the surrounding communities. The beauty of a story, whether it is laid out in words or "written with light" in an image, is fundamental to unveil the fragile richness of wetlands, and bring the community closer to a new way of understanding the relationship with the wonders dwelling in them. Take part to the contest, your photos will be a journey, a celebration, the new colors of our lands of water.

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