One million euros for the compendium of the terralbese

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One million for the redevelopment project of the San Giovanni-Marceddì wetlands and the Corru S'Ittiri pond. Thanks to the collaboration and technical assistance of the MEDSEA Foundation, the Municipality of Terralba - partner of the MARISTANIS project for the protection and management of the wetlands and coastal areas of the Gulf of Oristano coordinated by MEDSEA - has been awarded funding under the OP ERDF 2014-2020 Action 6.5.1 - Actions provided for in the Prioritized Action Framework (PAF) and in the Management Plans of the Natura 2000 Network. Terralba is the leader of the grouping of municipalities that participated in the call, in relation to the fact that the compendium insists in the territory, as well as Terralba, Arborea, Arbus, Guspini. Satisfied the mayor Sandro Pili, who stresses the importance of the protection and development of wetlands in the administrative action of the municipalities of the territory. The President of MEDSEA, Alessio Satta, focuses on the synergy of intentions and benefits for the compendium rich in biodiversity: "We are happy for the work done together in the preparation of the call and in the first goal achieved: resources for the recovery first and then the enhancement of one of the sites with greater ecological value.

Area of intervention: SIC ITB030032 "Pond of Corru S'Ittiri". The area is characterized by the presence of large coastal wetlands, which have some critical issues related to human activities that gravitate around them. The hydraulic interventions that have defined the current structure of the ponds have modified the original structure and, in particular, in the compendium of S. Giovanni and Marceddì cause limitations in water exchange, especially in the inner areas, with repercussions on the hydrogeological stability of the territory, but also on the ecological status of wetlands. The international importance of the site .

The high ecological value of the compendium is testified by the presence of two sites of the Natura 2000 Network (SCI ITB030032 Pond of Corru S'Ittiri and SPA ITB034004 Corru S'Ittiri, Pond of San Giovanni and Marceddì): these sites host habitats of Community interest defined in accordance with Directive 92/43/EEC, some of which have been designated as priorities by the same Directive and species of fauna and flora of Community interest. There are two IBAs (Important Bird Area - IBA 178 Central Campidano, IBA 218 Sinis and Oristano Ponds) and one Permanent Wildlife Protection and Catchment Oasis. The humid compendium represented by the pond of Corru S'Ittiri is also defined as Ramsar area in view of its importance for the presence of migratory species present in some wetlands of the Mediterranean.

How the resources will be used. The resources will be used to carry out concrete actions to improve the ecological conditions of the ponds, locally degraded, with positive repercussions on the hydraulic functionality of the entire river system of the mouth of the Rio Mogoro and ensuring the conservation of habitats and species present in the site. The project. Articulated in various complementary actions, punctual and networked, the project is developed through the following interventions: a) Re-qualification of the collector canals and runoff channels that lead to the mouth of the Rio Mogoro (medium water channel and Pauli Estius channel). The aim is to consolidate and protect the banks of the final section of the canals, before entering the Rio Mogoro and the San Giovanni pond respectively, with naturalistic engineering works, replacing the current concrete cladding. On the top of the banks, shrubs are to be inserted to allow an ecological re-combination with the residual entities present and thus allow an increase in general ecological connectivity. Expected results: improvement of runoff conditions, avoiding the occurrence of regurgitation episodes in the event of flooding and conditions that cause erosion of the bottom of the canal; restoration of natural and controlled equilibrium situations.