Arborea celebrated an intense page of history.

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Arborea has really many things to celebrate in this special 2018. A hundred years ago, on the 23th September of 1918Reclamation Sardinian Society (Società Bonifiche Sarde, SBS) has been founded with an ambitious goal: SBS had to plan the reclamation of Campidano’s flat land, in Oristano’s region. When the Society began to work, Arborea's territory was covered by swamps. That couldn't have been easy.

During the rise of Fascism, reclamation of large areas in Oristano’s region and Mussolinia di Sardegna's foundation (after World War II renamed in Arborea) were two important steps towards the recovery of a wide, unhealthy area. The project led to a new agricultural development, as well as to a growth of an economical base for the whole region. Mussolinia, now Arborea, is 90 years old.

The drainage begun in 1922. One of the objectives of reclamation was to reduce breeding places of mosquitos and to limit malaria outbreaks with the drainage of the swamps. The final eradication of the disease was only possible with the experimental work of Rockefeller Foundation from 1946 to 1950. Rockefeller Foundation used a DDT-based insecticide to free Sardinia from malaria. The campaign played an important role for the following malaria control policies in the island.

From 1928 to 1931 and from 1935-1940, settlers arrived in Arborea's territory, mainly from Venice. They got a sharecropping contract with Reclamation Sardinian Society (SBS) and cultivated the land. People from  north-eastern Italy brought knowledge and know-how and gave the framework for the agrarian cultivation and the dairy industry. As many families from Venice settled down in Arborea, venetian dialect is spoken until today and traditional venetian festivals are still held and popular.

The cultivation of the drained area of the Oristano region was a success and wheat became a very profitable product. The foundation of the co-operative 3A (Assegnatari Associati Arborea) was a remarkable point in the mid-1950s. Until today the co-operative is successful and gained a reputation as international operating co-operative. 3A was followed by many other enterprises and co-operative, as Cooperativa Produttori Arborea in the meat sector.

The Mayor, Manuela Pintus, made very clear her satisfaction for the days of celebration: Arborea and SBS's birthday. “A lot of people came to our events, even if the weather had not been good enough. The preservation of this heritage means the preservation of the memories of our culture and history”.

Nowadays Arborea is a place of great entrepreneurial ferment and a territory of great natural value, marked by wetlands ( ponds of S'ena arrubia and Corru s'ittiri ) and involved in Maristanis' project. Arborea boasts sites (countryside and villages) where nature and men have a respectful and fruitful relationship, combining quality of life with the protection of ecosystems and  biodiversity and acting as a stimulant to the local economies.