The protagonists of Maristanis project

    "The IPCC gives us worrying scenarios: absolutely alarming projections to 2100, with a range of temperature increases in the worst cases up to 6/7 average degrees on the planet". Gianluca Cocco, manager of the environmental sustainability service of the Sardinia Region: conference pills in Terralba, World Wetlands Day 2019

    Outline of David Cabana, researcher at the IMC, on the link between territory and culture
    Claudio Celada, Director of Nature Conservation Lipu, in Sardinia to participate in the events organized by MEDSEA as part of the MARISTANIS project, focuses on the protection of the brother

    Maurizio Costa di Criteria srl at the conference promoted by MEDSEA on the occasion of World Wetlands Day: the state of health of the compendium and the wetlands of the area

    Matteo Vacchi of the University of Pisa reveals an important aspect: the wetlands are an archive of fundamental information.
    Maristanis wants to be the glue: putting together the territories for an integrated management of coasts and wetlands. Terralba is there too! Pills from the World Wetlands Day with the mayor Sandro Pili and the councilor for Culture Giulia Maria Elena Carta

    The cranes? In our wetlands we find good. Gabriele Pinna of LIPU tells us that the Oristano wetlands are the privileged habitat of the cranes

    Giancarlo Gusmaroli CIRF: "Let's return their living space to the rivers. Climate change is the aggravating circumstance".
    The Giovanni De Falco CNR pill on coastal erosion and climate change: Coastal erosion and climate change

    The lagoons of the province of Oristano are a heritage of biodiversity: elective sites for many species of birds and other animals, as well as plant species. A speciality certified by the fact that in this territory have been established 6 Ramsar areas, now involved in the project MARISTANIS.
    Currently the Ramsar sites in the province of Oristano are also included in the Natura 2000 Network, both as Sites of Community Interest (SCI) under the Habitats Directive (Dir. 92/43/EC), and as Special Protection Areas (SPAs), created as a result of the Birds Directive (Dir. 2009/147/EC).
    Both the Ramsar sites and the surrounding areas, including the Sinis Peninsula, currently form the IBA (Important Bird Area) 218 "Sinis and Oristano wetlands".Amedeo Fadda's report, naturalist, for MEDSEA

    Interview with the mayor of Cabras Andrea Abis on the protection of wetlands
    Interview with Carla del Vais, Associate Professor of Phoenician-Punic Archeology at the Department of History, Cultural Heritage and Territory of the University of Cagliari.
    Federico Mascolo, journalist of Akronos, involved in a project carried out thanks to the partnership between the Enel Foundation and National Geographic Italia, with MEDSEA in the places of #Maristanis. In the video he explains the reasons for the Sardinian stage and the interest for our #wetlands! #oristano
    Interview with Stefania Desogus, President of the 3DNA Association
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