Projects and Stories of the territory

"Women Weaving for Wetlands" at San Vero Milis

"Women Weaving for Wetlands in San Vero Milis. In San Vero, the challenge of modernity has been taken up. The stages for the initiative to truly embody the traditions of the country have been fixed: the processing is entrusted - as in the past - to the expert hands of craftswomen, the materials are those of always - rush, wheat straw, pond grasses, straw - collected in the wetlands surrounding San Vero Milis.

The ceremony of the Contest Photo #SardiniaWetlands

You love what you know, said Francesca Caldara Cavallaro of FAI, godmother at the award ceremony of the Contest Photo #SardiniaWetlands, reserved for high school students. For this reason MEDSEA, with the collaboration of @AFNI Sardegna, has promoted the competition: to fill the social media with photos of our wetlands. Here is the winner!

The art of weaving in San Vero Milis

Il Sindaco di San Vero Milis Luigi Tedeschi e l'Assessore alle Attività Produttive Daniela Zaru raccontano l'arte dell'Intreccio a San Vero Milis.