Project Timeline

    In this section the most important events already realized within the Maristanis project.

    Percentage of advancement second year

    Here are the main appointments already completed and the percentages of advancement of the project

    Achievement of the objectives.
    We are already working to the objectives set!

    Maristanis project Timeline
    Maristanis has lunched on 1st September 2017

    First year

    28 - 29 September 2018 - International Coast Day 2018
    International event in Cabras dedicated to the promotion of a sustainable use of coastal resources, their conservation and of their protection for sustainable development.

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    Second year

    08 June - Oceans Day 2019
    Maristanis celebrates Ocean Day with the Othoca Industrial Technical Institute of Oristano, with which it has signed a contract for the use of its spaces and the "Wetland Multimedia Laboratory" to carry out training courses on wetland ecosystems for teachers and students from schools in the eleven municipalities involved in the project.

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    Third year

    The activities of the third year will start on 1 september 2019
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