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20 March 2018 - School children adopt beaches

Today on La Nuova Olbia newspaper the making of the project "Adotta una spiaggia". Also MEDSEA Foundation among the promoters and organizers of the project.

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10 March 2018 - Rai3. Bellitalia

Today at BELIITALIA on Rai3 Alessio Satta and Vania Statzu talk about MARISTANIS project, coordinated by MEDSEA foundation, and about the collective efforts to better conserve them through Ramsar.

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3 February 2018 - L'Unione Sarda

World Wetland Day: the goal is to promote concrete actions. Councilor Paci also talks about the funds distributed by the Sardinia Region.

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10 March 2018 - La Stampa

Today the italian newspaper 'La Stampa' speaks about wetlands!
Alessio Satta, Secretary of MedWet and president of MEDSEA Foundation, describes the status of wetlands, endangered by climate change and by activities such as agriculture, urbanization and pollution. 

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3rd February 2018 Service TG - Videolina

The Gulf of Oristano in the heart of the World Wetlands Day 2018, in the service of Marco Lai who interviewed Alessio Satta, Vania Statzu and Raffaele Paci. 

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2 February 2018 - L'Unione Sarda

Six communities united for the World Wetlands Day. Many events in the municipalities involved: Cabras, San Vero Milis, Cuglieri, Arborea, Terralba and Oristano

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