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    The II D from Terralba Institute visited the Old Tower of Marceddì as prize for Terre d'Acqua school contest 2022

    Learning about the role of these precious and very important ecosystems, as well as the specificities of the large wetland area of Oristano.

    In recent days we have accompanied the students of the 2D of the Comprehensive Institute of the Municipality of Terralba to visit the Torre Vecchia of Marceddì, with a stop at the Sea Museum.

    The students, accompanied by teachers Valentina Neri and Cristian Batzella, had won the Terre D'Acqua 2022 competition a few months ago in the Comics category which included, among the various prizes, the educational visit of the Marceddì Lagoon and the Old Tower.

    Here it is their work:


    We shared some information on the extraordinary natural, as well as cultural, heritage of our Maristanis wetlands and the function of these very important ecosystems for biodiversity, for the economy and for people.


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