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    Nurachi joins the marine coastal contract in the Oristano area

    The "Wetlands and Coastal Zones Contract" family is growing: with a resolution of the Municipal Council, the municipality of Nurachi has decided to become part of the integrated governance tool that is already composed by the municipalities of Arborea, Arbus, Cabras, Guspini, Oristano, Palmas Arborea, Riola Sardo, San Vero Milis, Santa Giusta and Terralba, from the Sardinia Region, the Province of Oristano and the Oristano Reclamation Consortium. The “Wetlands and Coastal Zones Contract” was officially signed in Oristano on February 5, 2021. Borrowed from the experience of the "River Contracts", operating in various Italian and European contexts, the accord represents the overcoming of fragmentation in decision-making processes concerning marine areas, transition areas of ponds and marshes, water basins, institutions and populations that make up the territory. A unique laboratory in the Mediterranean basin, made possible by five years of assiduous work within the Maristanis Project, which the MEDSEA Foundation, thanks to the MAVA Foundation support, has been carrying out since 2017.

    Five years of actions focused on the conservation and sustainable development of the six Ramsar sites, wetlands protected by the 1971 homonymous convention, have woven a web of relationships between the sectors of scientific research and education, fisheries and agriculture, crafts and culture. The constant collaboration with the municipalities hosting the Ramsar sites naturally resulted in the will to jointly develop a model of common administration of the extraordinary environmental heritage that characterizes the Gulf of Oristano, one of the areas most affected in the Mediterranean basin by climate change.

    The 8000 hectares covered by the six Ramsar sites and the 267 km2 of the “Sinis Peninsula - Mal di Ventre Island Marine Protected Area”, home to an extraordinary multitude of floral and fauna species, will henceforth be governed by a Coast Assembly, constituted by the signatories and open to constant collaboration with all subjects, public and private, who wish to contribute to the construction of a future where environmental conservation and human activities are no longer in conflict, but in harmony.

    Credits pics by Comune di Nurachi, Roberto Meloni
    Crediti Foto: Roberto Meloni, Comune di Nurachi
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