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    Together to build a different future: listening to the voices of the Oritano Gulf

    On October 26 began in Oristano the participatory process that has followed the birth of the Marine Coastal Wetlands Contract, a voluntary tool aimed at the development of an integrated and collective management of Natura 2000 sites of the Oristano Gulf.  

    Two days and four meetings to start a dialogue with all the institutional, economic, cultural and environmental forces operating in the Gulf: fundamental meetings to clarify the potentialities of the Contract and gather all the useful proposals that might contribute to improve the integrated governance system.  

    The long “listening” itinerary, which will end in May 2022, is managed by the MEDSEA Foundation, which has been active in the Oristano area for four years with the Maristanis Project, born in 2017 for the restoration and protection of the six Ramsar sites that surround the gulf.  

    To the first sessions of the participatory process, held between 26 and 28 October in the Council Chamber of the Province of Oristano, took part several fishing and agriculture associations, research centers and companies operating in farming and aquaculture.  

    "My hope is that the Coastal Contract will become a driving force for investments. The fishing sector needs it. There’s still a lot to be developed", said Alessandro Porcu, technical director of the S. Andrew Fishermen's Cooperative, which has been working in the S’Ena Arrubia Pond for the last 50 years. “The Contract- continues Porcu- can allow us to overcome a series of constraints related to the provisions on aid to businesses, especially those in the fishing sector, which more than any other is suffering because of climate change”.  

    Of the same opinion is Andrea Liverani, a young entrepreneur from Terralba who, with his drone, capable of accurately analyzing the criticalities and needs of the crops, has already brought innovation to the gulf: "During the first meeting we immediately discussed our ideas and the needs of the farming sector. The contract provides us with a great tool, especially when it comes to bureaucratic simplification. Streamlining the dialogue between companies and institutions is of major importance. It is up to us, then, to take advantage of it and seize this great opportunity”. 

    Enthusiasm also came from bigger companies: “The Coastal Contract is with no doubt a useful tool to promote the area and contribute to local development. Being part of this group will allow us to propose paths and objectives that go in the direction of protecting nature and sustainable development”, explains Francesca Figus, marketing manager of Nieddittas. 

    The next stages of the participatory process will focus on fishing: in Santa Giusta (Open Space) and Terralba (Municipal Theatre), respectively on 9 and 11 November, the MEDSEA team will meet all the cooperatives operating between the sea and ponds of the gulf. The first cycle of the “listening itinerary” will close in mid-December in Oristano with a plenary assembly of all the actors involved. 

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