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    The Maristanis working group visiting the area of the Oristano's Gulf Wetlands

    At the end of the Seminar held last 30th November in Cagliari, the working group explored the areas object of the MARISTANIS project starting from the Stagno di Mistras and Cabras, passing for the Peschiera Mar'e Pontis, a place with a centenary history that well represents the integration between man and nature.

    The observation of the territory and of the animal and plant species, from the ancient coastal tower called "Su Poazziu", has revealed the variety of the local biodiversity and the functioning of the "Peschiera", a fish farm in which one of the most famous wetland product is worked: the bottarga di muggine.

    The visit continued at Sale ‘e Porcus, an extensive complex of seasonal saline lagoons that dry out in summer, situated in the territory of San Vero Milis. 

    Santa Giusta with the Stagno di Stagno Pauli Maiori, a small and low salinity lagoon surrounded by extensive reedbeds, made these resources protagonists in the Museo dell'Intreccio, also realized in a Campidanese house where the typical "fassonis" boats have been admired as well as the exhibition of various fishing tools.

    Museo del mare" of Marceddì, managed by the 3DNA Association under the patronage of the Municipality of Terralba, which highlighted the importance of the relationship between daily life in these areas and its knowledge.  

    The final stop of the the Ramsar sites visit was the Stagno di S'Ena Arrubia, representing the last remnant of a once extensive complex of marshes and lagoons, converted to agriculture in the 1930s. Here the visit focused on the observation of several species of waterbirds.

    The visit came up to its end in the shadow of the Statue of Eleonora di Arborea in Oristano, in memory of the Carta de Logu, promulgated and updated in the fourteenth century by the arborense judiciary, which dedicated various chapters to land management and the protection of the wildlife.


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