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    Terre del Sinis, a room with a view on tradition

    “I started off in 2015. By that time I had been jobless for three years. For eighteen years I was a swimming coach in the municipal pool of Oristano. The refurbishment works kept it closed for five years. My house had a lot of space, and I needed to find a job that put me in contact with people. With the help of my daughter Francesca I started the beautiful adventure in the Terre del Sinis B&B". Rita Circu tells her story sitting in front of the "honeysuckle" room, dedicated like the others to the vegetation that populates her beloved Sinis. Around her the garden dotted with peasant monuments, the ancient grinding wheel for wheat, the pitcher, the drinking trough for animals that has become a flower pot 

    “I don't have a particular passion for travel, so I made sure that the world came to visit me. At the beginning, friends who were already managing similar businesses in Cabras helped me a lot, directing here all the customers they could not host". Guests quickly became friends. From all over Italy, from Switzerland, France and Germany. For fifteen days it is as if they are moving to their second home. From here they leave for the many beauties of Sardinia, the beaches, the archaeological sites, Cagliari, Alghero and Bosa. 

    "I often accompany guests to see flamingos and the many other species of the Pauli and’ Sali pond. Or, with the permission of the fishermen, I act as a guide to the old fish farm Sa Mardini. I know all about the ancient way of fishing. The passion for the ponds comes from my father. He started working there when it still belonged to Don Efisio Carta. Then with a partner he managed to buy a boat and go to the open sea. “Rita one” was the boat’s name. My father is now 83 years old, but still remembers the names of all the points in the lagoon by heart, names that are disappearing from the local memory. 

    The presence of Mr. Francesco is also in the breakfast room, announced by a beautiful lemon tree. The shelves house the small models of fassoni and "su crogallu", the very particular pot used to trap the eels. At the tables every morning comes the steaming old-fashioned coffee machine, the sliced ​​meat, the eggs, the warm pastry from the pasticcerie of Cabras. "I want them to get up from the table with their belly full", says Rita confidently. The only exception is the feast of San Salvatore in September. "The first year I hadn't thought about the problem ... I felt the gunfire and the confusion of the celebrations, and I was closed here in the B&B. I started to cry!". 

    Terre del Sinis remains open during the two days of the Cabrarese collective mysticism, butno breakfast! Rita sings in the parish choir, accompanies "Santu Srabadoreddu", the small statue of the saint in procession, participates in all the activities of the novena. “I often take guests with me, I drag them into my passion. They are enchanted by the Corsa degli Scalzi and all the rites related to San Salvatore". 

    "I decided to take part to the Friends of Maristanis Club because I love wetlands, their plants and their birds, and I like the idea of ​​transforming Terre del Sinis into an environmentally sustainable structure. Tourism must be respectful of the environment. We have an immense historical and environmental heritage, we cannot afford to ruin it. I still remember when the Japanese guests came. When I went to welcome them I found myself in front of an elegant lady with a large hat and an umbrella. They had come to visit Tharros and the Giants of Mont’e Prama. They had crossed half the world, fascinated by our culture". 


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