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    The Friends of Maristanis Club expands: more than 50 enterprises together for the protection of the wetlands

    The Friends of Maristanis Club is expanding! Twenty seven extra companies working in tourism and catering decided to join the network and start controlling their water consumption as well as finding ways for water saving to protect and enhance the Oristano wetlands area. 51 members e companies in total, including accommodation facilities (hotels, B&B, short let, home holidays...), restaurants, bars, tourist associations and more. Here is the complete and constantly updated list. 

    These new memberships took place in recent months when, thanks to a special campaign to disseminate environmental issues and distribute Maristanis graphics in the most exposed places, to communicate with tourists and locals. Thus, some companies decided to take a further step forward and join to the network, accepting to start collecting data on its own water consumption in order to monitor and control it. 

    The Friends of Maristanis Project started at the end of 2019, within the Maristanis activities, coordinated by the MEDSEA Foundation, to find an integrated management model of the Oristano wetlands, and which saw a series of dissemination meetings of good practices in the field of water efficiency. In addition to the dissemination of Maristanis materials, such as the Vademecum, a tool for reducing water consumption was created consisting of two apps: Acqua check, dedicated to businesses and calibrated on local consumption, and Save water, dedicated instead to citizens and tourists to correct bad habits in the use of water resources and learn more sustainable practices.  

    "Friends of Maristanis was created to involve companies that most of all work in contact with tourists and the public to sensitize them on the need to control water consumption - Vania Statzu from the MEDSEA Foundation explains - starting from the common awareness that water reserves of fresh water in the Oristano area, as well as in the whole of Sardinia, are precious sources and seriously threatened by anthropic pressure, by the infiltration of salt water due to the advancement of sea water over the coast, by tourist coastal pressure, as well as by others productive sectors such as industry and agriculture; last but not least, by the effects of climate change ". 

    "The graphics, exhibited to the public by the companies, have the dual purpose - Giulia Eremita, contact person of the club and expert in Tourism, says - to inform about the peculiarities of the territory, about the commitment of local companies to protect and preserve it, above all inhibiting the excessive consumption of water resources with active and proactive communication. On vacation, often, it is accepted the idea that everything is possible, we get to consume from 300 to 500 liters of water overnight (consumption per capita per day): a truly exaggerated amount of resources that must be redistributed: today the market is ripe to turn to a more respectful customer ". 

    It’s still possible to become a member of the Friends of Maristanis Club. Being a member of the FOM Club means also to be included within the sustainable itineraries of, the new website that intends to promote the Maristanis Terre d'Acqua (Maristanis Water Lands) destination in a unified way, with the ponds and lagoons on its heart and as a distinctive and characterizing feature of this area of the west coast of ​​Sardinia. 


    To join the club, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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