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    22 march 2018 – World Water Day

    Today is World Water Day (

    The 2018 theme is nature-based solutions for water conservation and conservation. Wetlands are an example of a solution based on nature, useful to avoid or mitigate the potential damage of climate change.

    Wetland ecosystems provide a range of valuable ecosystem services (recreation, greenhouse gas sequestration, contaminant containment, coastal protection, groundwater level and soil moisture regulation, flood regulation and biodiversity support ), play an important role in tackling pollution, land and water degradation and provide resources for local livelihoods and can contribute to the achievement of sustainable water objectives and objectives.

    Restoration of wetlands could provide a solution for:
    regulation of water supply (including drought mitigation);
    • the regulation of water quality through their role in purification, biological control, water temperature control;
    • the moderation of extreme events thanks to their action in the control of river flooding.
    The MARISTANIS Project, funded by the MAVA Foundation and managed by the MEDSEA Foundation, aims to promote the restoration and conservation of wetlands for better water management in the coastal area of ​​Western Sardinia, particularly affected by climate change.
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